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" TREAT ME NICE UK, really do treat you nice! I first tried Ancient Lakes Magnesium when I was in Australia and this year felt desperate to have some more after suffering from fatigue. The prices are very good and it means you don't have to go through the hassle of importation taxes and VAT. I picked mine up from their home, they were both very welcoming and extremely generous. As long as they sell Ancient Lakes, I will not look anywhere else. 10/10 "

Helen Bos - Weston Super Mare

" Now - I'm not one to always buy into "natural" products - often you find out that there's a hidden trick! However I can honestly say this is the first product to change my mind! Within days I was able to notice the difference - my skin and hair especially felt great and I felt like I had more energy! I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a natural way to improve your health and wellbeing."

Emily Kay Leeson - Tunbridge Wells - 5 stars

" I have been using magnesium for 4 weeks now and my energy levels and mood have lifted. Following the guidance of proprietor Trisha Harbour the products and services Treat me Nice provides are amazing. As a human biology student about to finish, the facts of the services and products are state of the art. An amazing company."

Brad Swansborough - Bath University - 5 stars

"I have suffered with psoriasis for over 30 years. I started using the magnesium drops and topical spray 8 weeks ago and it has already made a significant difference. The unsightly white flakes are barely visible and the redness is also fading. Moreover, the constant itchiness is gone! My friends have noticed how much better my skin is looking. Nothing I have tried in the past has made such an improvement. Thank you Trisha!"

Tracy Dinnage - Crowborough - 5 stars

"So impressed with my magnesium drops, my sleep is transformed. I cannot recommend this highly enough. Trisha is just brilliant!"

Claire Wakefield - Tunbridge Wells - 5 stars

"This is the BEST company I have found for pure magnesium products! Congrats on creating such an awesome line....that WORKS!!!! My magnesium deficiency is gone, no leg cramps, my electrolyte imbalances are far and few between due to POTS, and even my son enjoys the tasteless "bitterns" in water, and his "cool imported Australian deodorant ". The moisturizer and the Mg infused salt is divine. Thanks for all of your hard work! I love all of the products and they have truly made a difference in my health!"

Tandi Hendrix Caldwell - 5 stars

"....How important is Mg??? Today 5 minutes before leaving for the airport I started to get my pre migraine halo happening....ggggrrrrr...Poured a liberal shot of Lake Deborah Mg Bitterns into a glass, splashed in some water, swished and drank... Out to the car and away. Temples a little "tight" feeling after 10 min, but....NO halo, NO migraine.
I'd say "pretty damn important" - And Lake Deborah Mg is amazeballs...."

Noeleen Trueman  - Mundijong, Western Australia - 5 stars

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