"Don’t just count your blessings. Be the blessing other people count on.” 

- Anonymous  

True story: Pernicious Anaemia and how Ancient Lakes Magnesium addressed pain from Small Fibre Neuropathy

The above diagnosis can come as a huge shock, especially if you've not had any of the ‘typical’ symptoms of Pernicious Anaemia and the only problems you’ve experienced are excruciating burning, tingling and itching sensations in your feet! 

After receiving this diagnosis, I looked on the NHS website at the Pernicious Anaemia symptoms and treatments.


However, after having been offered the orthodox pharmaceutical remedies, that may or may not help some people - the neurological pains I was still experiencing were a bummer!

This is when researching scientific evidence for a ‘natural’ treatment or therapy for pain management, particularly neuropathic pain, became paramount, so having a background in anatomy and physiology was a real bonus!

Thus my search for a high ppm (parts per million) liquid magnesium began in earnest.


Why a liquid and not a pill or tablet?  It was simply because magnesium in a liquid form is more bio-available, meaning it has the best absorption into our blood stream. Therefore it’s effects are more immediate after ingestion, thus pain relief is faster - and that was top of my agenda.  


After many months of testing and trialling various brands, none of which ‘cut the mustard’, I eventually found Ancient Lakes Magnesium - the purest liquid magnesium on the planet with a huge 98,000ppm, surpassing my every expectation!

Finding Ancient Lakes Magnesium was definitely my Eureka moment, although at that point I did not appreciate how close my relationship with Ancient Lakes would become.


Neuropathic pain is very difficult to treat (which you may already know if you are a sufferer), it is caused by damage to or by a dysfunctioning component of the peripheral or central nervous system.


Common symptoms usually manifest in our extremities, with sensations akin to burning, coldness or itching. Pain can be shooting, spasmodic or continuous.

To determine how much Mg an individual may require, start by slowly and gradually increasing the number of drops a day. Using biofeedback (bowel threshold) you can work out how much you need. You can then reach your unique optimal intake by using biofeedback and the Bowel Tolerance test, utilising your bodies feedback to know when you have reached your “Optimal Intake”.  


Our highly concentrated ionic magnesium liquid makes it easy for us to fine tune our daily magnesium intake one 7mg (Mg) drop at a time.


How you take it is up to you. Some people take 4-5 ml in separate doses every day, though many put it in their water bottles and sip throughout the day, but taking magnesium consistently throughout the day is the key!

As the famous English poet William Blake once said: "Hindsight is a wonderful thing but foresight is better, especially when it comes to saving life or some pain".

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