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Autumn & Winter Promo Pack
Step into the new season with our great new promotional offer:
Concentrated Ionic Magnesium - 15ml

Magnesium Topical Spray - 25ml

Magnesium Deodorant - 50ml

Magnesium Infused Salt - 100 grams

Magnesium Infused Keto Salt - 100 grams

Balanced Essential Electrolyte Salt - 100 grams

Deep Soothe Thermal Balm - 30 grams

C+ Salt Capsules - sample tin (8 capsules)


Athlete Bundle
Treat Me Nice UK are proud to sponsor Jude HaggerC+ Salts Powder
Concentrated Ionic Magnesium - 100ml
Deep Soothe Thermal Balm
Balanced Essential Electrolyte Salt - 100 grams
C+ Salt Capsules (x8)
Super Sized Value Bundle

Concentrated Ioinic Magnesium: This highly concentrated source of magnesium and other essential minerals is gently harvested from our ancient salt lake.

Use these concentrated magnesium drops in your drinks, juices and meals for an easy way to boost your magnesium intake.

  • Highly bio-available and quickly absorbed

  • A great way to increase your magnesium intake

  • Stored in glass to maintain purity

  • Add to juice, or a bottle of still or sparkling water to sip throughout the day

  • Safe to cook with – unaffected by heat

C+ Salts Powder: 300g which is 150 serves, a saving of 25% compared with our regular pack, and a whooping 42% saving per serve on our capsule price.

C+Salts is formulated with only wild-harvested organic Kakadu Plum: the world’s most concentrated wholefood source of vitamin C; natural Australian salt from Lake Deborah, and additive-free potassium chloride.

C+Salts Kakadu Plum Mineral Supplement uses only refractance dried Australian Kakadu Plum; a method which retains its full nutrient profile.

Our Kakadu Plum is sustainably harvested by Indigenous communities across the Top End of Australia and supports their economic independence.


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